Static Charge Measurement Device - Static Meter

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Staticmeter  shows place and  level of static charge as well as makes exact measurement of the static value. Once the place and magnitude of the static  chrge is detected, it will be possible to determine the best static elimination product and  increase the operating performance for  the required application.

Static Electricity Measurement Device is an antistatic device for detection of static charge.Static electricity is an undesired electrical load in various industrial applications. If not prevented, it can lead into financial losses and also may give damage to health. Industrial Design Antistatic products are developed to cope with static electricity. Staticmeter gives the oppurtunity to make detection of  static load and take the necessary measures  in advance.

Where and How to use Staticmeter? In various sectors, production continues ceaaselessly with high speed.Accordingly static charge is accumulated on the products during operation. When static charge  is eliminated, undesired consequences such as low performance of machines, malfunction, fire, explosion, accidents, injury will be prevented. By means of staticmeter it will be possible to detect the location and value of the accumulated static load and accordingly make the appropriate static elimination to prevent anticipated risks.

Sensitivity 0-200 kV Scale. 100V Resolution
Drift %1
Accuracy +/-5%
Control Push/Draw Button
Display LCD Display, Measurement in kV in 100 mm
Power Replacable Battery (1 x 9V)
Product Structure Aluminum
Audi Warning Yes
Hold Function Yes
Dimensions 30x75x125 mm

Packaging / Bag Cutting / Wicket Bag / Printing / Textile/ Leather / Automotive / Film and Packaging / Plastic Injection / Medical / Food  / Furniture / Electronic / Flexo Printing / Winding-Unwinding / Conveyor Bands / Serigraphy Printing / Stretching / Label Machinery / Lamination / Extrusion / Paper Mill / Production of Insuation Material / Paint / Filling Lines / Offset Printing / Sheet Drawing / Folding Machinery


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